Try These Three Must-Play Games Before They Leave Game Pass
Persona 5 and two other gems are getting dropped from the Netflix-like library

Try These Three Must-Play Games Before They Leave Game Pass

Games routinely cycle in and out of Game Pass every month, but the Xbox subscription service is about to lose some really good ones. You have less than a week left to try Persona 5 RoyalSignalis, and Gunfire Reborn. Here’s why you should give them a try before they’re gone.


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Leaving Game Pass on October 31, you have approximately zero chance of actually completing Persona 5 Royal by then if you haven’t already started it. But there’s still plenty of time to discover why so many other players have fallen in love with the demonic high school RPG sim. Signalis is much shorter and the perfect spooky Resident Evil-like puzzle adventure to play in the leadup to Halloween. Gunfire Reborn is sort of the opposite: a furry roguelike loot shooter about meditating to the flow of arena combat. Taken together, they serve up the perfect little weekend gaming buffet (and each one is available on console, PC, and over the cloud).

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